Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Working green

From today's Plain Dealer: How do you define a "green" job? In its purest sense, a green job is an occupation that wouldn't exist if not for the growing movement to conserve resources and make businesses more environmentally conscious. Something like a sustainable-practices coordinator at a large corporation. Or maybe a person who analyzes wind conditions to see it they're ripe for spinning turbine blades. More broadly, a green job also is a traditional vocation carried out in support of a green purpose. An accountant at a company that makes solar panels. An electrician who installs solar panels when not performing routine wiring jobs. But if the definition of a green job is hard to get your hands around, the ability to land one shouldn't be, especially in Cleveland, where industries as diverse as farming, renewable energy and an emerging business called deconstruction show promise. Read the entire piece here.

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