Sunday, October 4, 2009

Emotional Wisdom Daily Tools for Transforming Anger, Depression, and Fear By Mantak Chia and Dena Saxer

Today we are featuring a new book that offers tools for transforming anger, depression and fear. With his modern approach to traditional Taoist teachings, Mantak Chia, with one of his senior instructors, presents a health-enhancing program for transforming the painful emotions of sadness, anger, impatience and fear into courage, kindness, joy and peace. You will learn to utilize three 20-minute practices through step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

In "Emotional Wisdom," the authors explain that negative emotions are messages from our soul that something is out of balance and needs to be changed. They offer the following based tools for learning from and harnessing the powerful energies of troubling emotions, by transmuting them into positive, life-force energy:

a: The Six Healing Sounds - Practice uses for specific sounds, arm movements and visualized colors to release negative emotions from particular internal organs.

b: The Inner Smile - Practice begins with visualizing and feeling a joyful image in our mind's eye; we then move that "smiling energy" into the brain, heart, the internal organs, and the spine, thanking each of our body parts for its particular function as we go.

c: Releasing One Emotion - This practice examines one emotion at a time, deepens and exaggerates its feeling, releases it physically, and asks for the lesson from the emotion.

There is also a "Taoist Natural First Aid-Physical Healing," which offers specific sounds and dietary advice for relieving common physical symptoms, which are listed alphabetically.

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