Thursday, May 1, 2008

On the Street

Cleveland has a proud tradition of reaching out to the homeless and less fortunate. This is often accomplished by unsung heroes operating in relative obscurity. For example, the late poet laureate of Cuyahoga County, Daniel Thompson, used to distribute day-old bread and other food products to the homeless, using whatever resources he could muster. Another unsung hero is Donna Kelly (left), an RN who serves homeless men and women both on the street and in unique ways, such as through a book-study group. Her efforts were recently profiled in the Christian Science Monitor. At Balanced Living, we have begun a program called "Balanced Living Means Giving," which will focus on different charity efforts throughout the year. In our current issue, we are asking for donations to the St. Malachi shower program. Donations of towels, soap or shampoo can be dropped off at the center, located at 2416 Superior Viaduct; or you can drop off a donation at our offices at 201 W. Liberty St., in Medina.

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