Monday, August 31, 2009

The Codex: A Divine Writ Volume 1

The Codex: A Divine Writ
Volume 1

by Cyrus Rumi

The Codex,
written by Cyrus Rumi, contains a series of revolutionary revelations for those who
are spiritually inclined and wish to experience the world from a new philosophical and
theological perspective. It speaks to individuals, communities and nations on many levels, both
spiritually and rationally.

Importantly, the
The Codex does not presuppose any particular spiritual or theological belief
system, or religious tradition of the reader; instead, it is all-embracing, welcoming those readers
who profess no faith at all.

Readers should enjoy the book from both subjective and objective viewpoints... appreciating the
subtle and profound nuances that come to your awareness, serving to strengthen your spiritual
experiences and journey into the mysteries of the unknown.

The Codex will be of interest to those interested in non-institutional forms of belief. Hindus and
Buddhists will find it appealing on many levels. Those of monotheistic faiths will also appreciate
the spiritual dimension to the readings; and mystics and New Age thinkers will feel comfortable
with the text.

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