Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New alternative health site

Alternative Health Journal announced the launch of the Web's first alternative health community with Web 2.0 functionality, directly competing with the well-known medical information site, WebMD. The new site, found at http://www.alternativehealthjournal.com, features original editorial and user-generated content focused on natural health news, information and alternative healthcare solutions for consumers. Editorial contributors for the new site include award-winning health blogger, Bob Condor, author of The Good Mood Diet and managing editor of health at MSN.com, renowned former NASA scientist Dr. William Judy, and Dr. Glen Halvorson, who worked with the U.S. Olympic team. The new site offers visitors free access to timely information about alternative healthcare solutions and the latest in Web 2.0 interactivity. Alternative Health Journal also hosts one of the Web's largest collections of alternative health articles, videos and vitamin-supplement glossaries, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies, minerals, enzymes and other natural products.

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